Key People


Richard L. Truluck, PE, President

Richard (Ricky) Truluck, PE, has over 38 years of experience in geotechnical and geospatial engineering. Prior to founding Spatial Engineering, Inc., Mr. Truluck worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers, where he designed, implemented, and managed GIS projects for Department of Defense activities worldwide. Mr. Truluck is experienced in enterprise geospatial implementation planning, system design, data collection/conversion, and process automation using Bentley Systems (MicroStation Geographics/Bentley Map, Esri (ArcGIS), and Oracle (Oracle RDBMS/Spatial). Mr. Truluck served as spatial data expert to US Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) Districts, HQ commands, and other federal agencies. Mr. Truluck was a founding member of the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) at its inception.


Paula Edwards, PMP, GISP, Vice-President

Paula Edwards has over 18 years of experience implementing spatial data solutions including the US Army Central Command (USARCENT) Infrastructure Spatial Intelligent Portal (ISIP) tracking Real Estate and Real Property data for the Central Command AOR; upgrading the enterprise GIS for the Department of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action (DPMO); and updating the Fort Belvoir ePRISMS. Her unique qualifications come together as a highly skilled project manager who understands user needs, project deliverables, and client expectations to deliver on time, and under budget. Ms. Edward’s focuses on creating and upgrading enterprise GIS systems, and high volume vector and raster data manipulation needed to provide clients the ability to meet project goals, exceed reporting expectations, and perform cost saving analysis within the client’s choice of technology.


Keith Yonce, RightSpot Marketing Lead

Keith Yonce has over 23 years of experience in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).  He is highly experienced in CAD applications like Bentley’s MicroStation and Autodesk’s AutoCAD and has developed expertise in GIS software like ESRI’s ArcGIS during his past 9 years at Spatial Engineering.  His expertise includes data capturing via GPS devices and remote sensing using drone equipment as an FAA certified remote pilot.  Mr. Yonce’s work experience includes customer satisfaction in GIS services by regular communications with customers before, during, and upon completion of projects which lend him to become the lead marketing person for RightSpot services both as a professional and as an outstanding customer liaison.

“Building a GIS system is not exactly reinventing the wheel rather repurposing data that can be manipulated to inflate user productivity, extend value of system, and improve quality.”
Zsolt J. Boros, GISP
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