Customer Comments

“The contractor’s, Spatial Engineering, performance was exceptional, many times anticipating our needs or potential issues and offering solutions within scope.  They are dedicated to delivering an exceptional product and consistently find well-qualified and eager personnel for the contract work.  On several occasions, this combination allowed Spatial to meet critical changes to requirements and due dates well ahead of timelines of typical contract modifications, yet with the same high quality product characteristic of normal operations. Spatial is competent, provides excellent oversight and produces an exceptional product throughout.  Spatial Engineering performed extremely well processing flat files into useable spatially oriented and referenced attributes that provide a more realistic common operating picture and allow more informed decisions.  They actively sought to improve their process, improving data quality and usefulness.  Spatial responded quickly and professionally to unforeseen changes, deploying survey teams to collect and verify data; incorporating developing DoD business practices into their own and improving them.”

John Horstmann, Environmental and Real Property Program Manager, US Army Central, ACOP-EN

“When I lost my in-house GIS capability, I quickly realized the value of institutional knowledge. While we had rooms full of drawing and good people, we were wasting time and money reconfirming facts. Working with developers was difficult as we didn’t have the information they needed readily available. I reached out to Richard Truluck at Spatial Engineering. Spatial Engineering has worked with me and my staff to capture our knowledge and accurately record it in a GIS for a fraction of what my staff of one and the related equipment costs. Now I have immediate access to accurate maps linked to CADD details in my office, on the road and even on my phone. Spatial Engineering handles all the technical aspects; and I have eliminated all of my hardware and software costs. I get much more value for my budget dollars with Spatial Engineering. I highly recommend Spatial Engineering and RightSpot™ to anyone trying to do more with less to manage their infrastructure.”

Brett Bennett, City Manager, Springfield, Georgia

“Spatial Engineering and GEL Geophysics, LLC recently performed a survey of the Natural Gas System at Hunter Army Airfield, and we could not be more pleased with the results. Throughout the project life cycle they maintained weekly communication and status reports. We always knew what was happening and where the project stood. They implicitly understand the Army’s current requirements for GIS data, and went above and beyond our expectations with the final deliverables. The data they delivered was accompanied with excellent maps and a thorough, detailed report which explains every aspect of the project from background, contract team, execution, methodology, data processing and results and conclusions. This is a prime example of how any Army GIS project should be done from start to finish.”

Emily Fraser, IGI&S Manager, Fort Stewart/HAAF

“The RightSpot™ service, combined with the expertise Spatial Engineering provides, has proven to be a tremendous asset to the City of Richmond Hill. Our partnership has allowed the City to provide more efficient and higher quality services to our residents and business owners in the Planning, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Public Works, and Water Operations divisions. We couldn’t be any happier with the Spatial Engineering team.”

Scott Allison, Assistant City Manager, Richmond Hill, Georgia

“Mike, Thank you again for your help with this last minute data call. I would like to say that it is truly a joy for me to view and retrieve well organized GIS data which is in full compliance of mandated SDSFIE and FDGC Metadata standards. Because of this, I was able to go to your server and find exactly what I was looking for without having to ask you questions like; “what is this data layer?”, “when and who created it?” and “what coordinate system is it in?”. These are all factors which save us all (Army) time and money.

Your new GIS setup is a model of how every Army Garrison IGI&S program should look like. From what I can see, the return on your investment will be significant. I commend you (and the Corps) for a job well done.”

Mike Hutt, GIS Support Services, DPW staff, Installation Management Agency Southeast Regional Office, Fort McPherson, Georgia

“This project helps to bridge a 20 year deficit in data and technology changes. Best money spent on post this year. For the past 10 years for that matter. Can’t wait for next FY to bring them back for more work.”

Jim Olsen, Fort Jackson Environmental/GIS Specialist

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