Enterprise Solutions

When we think of enterprise solutions, we tend to think of large implementations with a lot of resources for a large organization that are very costly. Though that can fall into the framework of enterprise, the definition of enterprise solutions is much simpler and can be applied to any size project.

In general, enterprise Geographical Information Systems (GIS) systems consist of data, workflows & procedures, people, hardware, and software that work in a collaborative fashion to allow an organization to plan, analyze, budget, or report on their assets of responsibility. This process can be simple or fairly complex depending on a range of factors.

Spatial Engineering has repeatedly taken great strides to apply enterprise level focus to large and small projects. Though each phase of a project may reflect similarities between projects, the scope of the project always drives the depth of involvement in every phase.

“Building a GIS system is not exactly reinventing the wheel rather repurposing data that can be manipulated to inflate user productivity, extend value of system, and improve quality.”
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