Data Management

Specializing in spatial data management, Spatial Engineering offers services to encompass the complete project lifecycle including planning, design and implementation, data collection and integration, database management, customized training, on-site support, master planning, and web and applications development. Spatial Engineering understands the demands of today’s GIS, engineering and asset management professionals.

Spatial Engineering is not a single vendor shop.  We maintain expertise in industry leading technologies to provide the best solution regardless of vendor.  Our expert professionals are proficient in many databases, GIS software, and data formats so our solution is geared toward the customer not toward the vendor.

For our local county and municipal customers we provide RightSpot™ services.  More on Rightspot™…

“Building a GIS system is not exactly reinventing the wheel rather repurposing data that can be manipulated to inflate user productivity, extend value of system, and improve quality.”
Zsolt J. Boros, GISP
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