CADD & FMS Support Services, APG, MD

DPW operates and maintains facilities, structures, utilities, roads, land and all of the related equipment located on Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG). DPW has inventoried approximately 3,300 facilities, structures, utilities and land, identified by over 40,000 separate locations with over 25,000 pieces of equipment. DPW provides facility operations and maintenance, design, construction, utility and energy conservation, recycling; solid waste management, custodial services, landscaping, and environmental, safety and occupational health. These programs and services require CADD as-builts to efficiently support over 80 Garrison Supported Organizations (GSO), 20,000 civilian and military personnel, and over 16 million square feet of building space.

Services Provided

  • CADD Services
  • Document Management System (DMS) Service Request
  • Process and track “Request for CADD or GIS Data or Services”
  • Manage and administer the DMS
  • Process Project Close-Out Packages
  • Verify CADD reference files and links
  • Extract CADD data
  • Verify data accuracy
  • Spot check data accuracy with field verification
  • Archive documents, drawings, and other information
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Reproduction and editing support
  • Drafting support

Project Highlights

  • MicroStation CADD
  • Onsite Support

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